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Building the 21st Century City

By Steven Litt, The Plain Dealer
October 24, 2015
Originally posted on Cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Rob Weeks, an architecture and construction consultant, finds it amazing that his great-grandfather, the revered Cleveland architect Harry Weeks of the firm Walker & Weeks, worked under the same zoning code that’s still in force today in Cleveland.

“How silly is that?” he asks.

Silly enough to inspire the Cleveland chapter of the Urban Land Institute, a national nonprofit education and research organization focused on real estate, to co-sponsor an all-day conference on the topic Wednesday with the city of Cleveland.

The event, called “Building the 21st Century: Best Practices in Zoning,” spotlighted the city’s interest in revising its antique and much-amended code as a way to hasten growth and redevelopment.

The symposium drew some 300 developers, lawyers, architects, planners, community development officials and others to the Global Center for Health Innovation.

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