Member Spotlight

ULI Cleveland would like to express appreciation for those members who have gone above and beyond by recognizing their career accomplishments, as well as their involvement with our local council.

Member Spotlight

February Member Spotlight Dave Budge | Assistant Vice President at WXZ Development Inc.

Dave Budget is the Assistant Vice President of WXZ Development Inc. and is heavily involved with the UL Cleveland Outreach Committee. Over the past year, Dave has focused his time with ULI on the UrbanPlan for Public Officials workshop. The next UrbanPlan workshop will be in March 2019.

Tell us more about your daily tasks: Working as a developer putting together smaller scale commercial developments/redevelopments that businesses and investors want to be involved in. Day to day tasks include negotiating contracts, leases, reviewing city codes, financial underwriting, building design and site planning, working with municipalities on approvals, pitching investors on projects.

Your hobbies: sleeping, reading, backyard basketball, golf and collecting vinyl.

Why are you a member of the Urban Land Institute Cleveland? Great network of professionals that keeps me involved in land use issues around the country and in northeast Ohio.

December Member Spotlight Kenneth Kalynchuk | Senior Financial Analyst at Project Management Consultants (PMC)


Ken Kalynchuk currently works for Project Management Consultants as a Senior Financial Analyst. As a master’s student at Cleveland State University from 2015-2016, he participated in the ULI Hines Competition and has been a member of ULI Cleveland since 2015. Ken is currently very involved in the ULI Cleveland Hines Competition planning and will serve as a mentor during the 2019 competition. See below to learn more about Ken and his involvement with ULI Cleveland.

Tell us more about your daily tasks:

As Senior Financial Analyst at Project Management Consultants, I help communities and developers solve for financing gaps in real estate projects. I help identify, apply for, structure, and coordinate gap financing for projects, thus bringing challenging projects to life in communities across the Country. Our group uses tools such as historic tax credits, New Markets tax credits, tax increment financing, loans and grants to help developers and their public partners achieve their development goals.  I focus on brownfield, warehouse and distribution center, New Markets Tax Credit and technology company projects.

What is your favorite part of the job:

Working on challenging projects in the City of Cleveland and surrounding communities. I grew up in the City of Cleveland and am passionate about rebuilding its urban fabric through economic development.

Your hobbies: 

To stay active, I play kickball and racquetball, and enjoy biking and hiking in Cleveland and in our Nation’s incredible national parks. I love exploring Cleveland and check out new restaurants and activities frequently. I also enjoy traveling to other Cities. I look forward to visits to Philadelphia, San Juan, and Grand Teton National Park in 2019.

Why are you a member of the Urban Land Institute Cleveland? 

I first got involved in Urban Land Institute Cleveland in graduate school during the Hines Student Urban Design Competition, where ULI Cleveland members mentored me and helped teach me how to develop complex development pro formas. Urban Land Institute Cleveland is an unmatched educational resource, helping to keep all sectors involved in development up to date with the latest practices in development, connecting us all in a very critical way.


October Member Spotlight Kirstyn Wildey | Associate at McDonald Hopkins

Kirstyn Wildey currently works for McDonald Hopkins as an Associate. She has been a member of ULI Cleveland since 2017 after moving from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Cleveland. Since her move to Cleveland, Kirstyn has been very involved in the ULI Cleveland Women’s Leadership Committee and Membership Committee. See below to learn more about Kirstyn and her involvement with ULI Cleveland.

Tell us more about your daily tasks: 

As an Associate in McDonald Hopkins’ real estate and commercial finance practice groups, I am engaged in borrower and lender-side representation on a variety of business matters.  I focus on community development and project financing, representing investors, lenders and developers using historic preservation tax credits, renewable energy tax credits, and new markets tax credits. Additionally, I assist with our firm’s solar energy development practice.

Your hobbies: 

I enjoy spending time with friends and family, cooking, and traveling as often as I am able to.  I previously studied abroad in Australia and am currently planning a trip to Iceland. Additionally, I enjoy watching Cleveland sports and continuing to explore Northeast Ohio.  I also remain closely connected to my law school and undergraduate university, serving as a member of their respective Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Why are you a member of the Urban Land Institute Cleveland? 

Being new to the Cleveland area, ULI Cleveland has been a great resource to connect me to others in the real estate industry and stay up-to-date with trends in the local and national markets.  I’ve truly enjoyed helping grow the value of ULI Cleveland through my involvement on ULI Cleveland’s Membership and Sponsorship Committee and Women’s Leadership Initiative.