Technical Assistance Services

Technical Assistance Services offer a continuum of capacity to municipalities with land use challenges. The cornerstone of our Panels, Workshops and Development Dialogues is the ability to connect the public sector to the professional, interdisciplinary expertise of ULI members.

Technical Assistance Services

The Urban Land Institute has a long history of providing unbiased, practical ideas and best practices on land use and sustainable development. Communities can access the unique expertise of our members locally through any of the ULI Cleveland technical assistance services, including Technical Assistance Panels, Policy Workshops, and our Development Dialogues.

We look forward to working together to identify challenges and provide recommended solutions for complex land use planning and development projects, programs and policies to your community.

Tailoring our Services to your Community Needs

Moving your project forward
ULI Cleveland’s Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) provides comprehensive and strategic advice in response to a specific land use or development assignment.

Building Local Capacity
Policy Workshops use regional demographic data and case studies to identify challenges and recommendations that address a broad real estate issue.

Connecting land use and economic growth
Development Dialogues foster discussion between ULI members and municipal leaders to connect community growth, economic potential and development opportunities.

National Advisory Services Program

ULI’s national advisory services program was established in 1947. ULI has completed more than 600 panels, in 47 states, 12 countries, and 4 continents.

To discuss which Technical Assistance Service is appropriate for your community, contact Melanie Kortyka, ULI Cleveland, 440-396-2236.