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2016 Real Estate Trends in Northeastern Ohio

This is the second edition of The ULI Cleveland District Council’s Real Estate Trends in Northeastern Ohio. It takes the pulse of the region’s real estate market, including capital markets, various sectors of property types, and geographic submarkets. This survey complements the national PWC/Urban Land Institute’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate, adding an in-depth local perspective to the national survey’s insights on the U.S. economy and real estate markets.


In September, 2015, ULI Cleveland distributed a link to an online survey to its e-mail contact list. The survey was available on line between October 20th to November 4th and 67 non-random responses were collected, a response rate of about 6%. Additionally, 12 in-person interviews were conducted with key local experts from the private and public sectors across a range of professional disciplines, in particular real estate development, management, finance, and planning.

The information presented in this report includes quantitative data and open-ended comments from the on line survey and quotes from the personal interviews.

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