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ULI Cleveland Best Practices in Zoning Symposium Leads to City of Cleveland RPF

In October 2015, ULI Cleveland hosted the “Best Practices in Zoning Symposium”, where ULI Cleveland partnered with the City of Cleveland for a one-day symposium exploring how the needs of building and development have changed since the current zoning code was enacted in 1929. Experts discussed the evolution of zoning, which presents the City of Cleveland with the opportunity to adopt a new 21st century code that draws from the best in today’s planning, promoting development that creates attractive, walkable, healthy, sustainable communities.

As a result of the “Best Practices in Zoning Symposium”, the City of Cleveland issued a Request for Proposals in May 2018 to lead the development
process for Cleveland’s new Form-Based Zoning Code (FBC).

At this point, the City of Cleveland is reviewing the received proposals and ULI Cleveland Committee members will serve on the Selection Committee to review and score the
proposals based on the criteria within this RFP. The top scoring proposal firm/teams may be invited to give in-person presentations to the City and select stakeholders. A final selection of the successful Proposal will be made by the Committee.

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